What day is the fruit delivered?

Fruit is picked and sent every Tuesday. We decided to do it like that so it can be delivered to any European country before the weekend, avoiding the risk of the box being left at the carrier's warehouse.

If you confirm your order between Tuesday after 12pm and next Monday before 12pm, you will have your box sent that Tuesday and delivered on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (depending on your location).

What happens if I place an order and there is nobody at home when the carrier arrives?

If there is nobody at home when the carrier arrives with your fruit, he/she will leave a delivery notice with the carrier's telephone number of your area. Should this happen, normal procedure is to deliver your order next day, unless there is a collection point near your house they can leave the package at. In this case, you can personally collect it at your convenience during business hours.

You may also be contacted by phone to fix another delivery day. We are more than happy to solve any issue that may arise regarding the delivery of your box.

How is the fruit prepared for the delivery?

Avocados are picked from the tree and selected right before they are packaged for delivery. Then, each protected piece of fruit is manually put inside carton boxes without any chemical treatment or cold storaging. Finally, the box is closed so that the fruit is not damaged during transportation and handed over to the carrier.

Can I place regular orders of one or several boxes?

Of course. You may contact us by phone at +34 607 503 454 or send us an e-mail to info@finca-agrosana.com to tell us how frequent you want your orders to be delivered. We will duly take note of everything and send your orders on the indicated dates.

Besides, you will have a private area (by clicking the LOGIN button) where you can repeat orders whenever you want with just a few clicks. When placing an order online for the first time, you can set up a username and a password to enter your private area. From there, you can check the last order you placed and re-order it, saving you from repeating the whole process of choosing your box again.

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