Avocado Varieties

Hass, an avocado with a nutty flavour. Small-sized, yellow flesh, dark and pebbly skin. Around 4-10 oz (120-300 g) of weight. The Hass avocado is the most widely grown and consumed variety.

Bacon is the earliest variety of avocado. Smooth, thin green skin with yellow spots. With 7-10 oz (200-300 g) of weight, it is regarded as a hybrid of the Hass avocado.

Fuerteis one of the most widely grown varieties. Pear-shaped and a weight of around 9 oz (250 g). Rough, but also relatively thin skin. It excels for its delicious taste. Available for purchase all year long. It has high content in oleic acid and lower fat content than other varieties.

Thick green skin with slight pebbling. It has a peculiar taste and a light scent. Round-shaped and a weight of 9-20 oz (250-600 g) —it is heavier than other varieties. Once cut, it does not turn brown; hence it is ideal for salads and appetizers.

Very long and pear-shaped, dark green skin and a nice taste (similar to Hass’s). Pinkerton trees are known to produce larger quantities of fruit than other varieties.

Lamb Hass. Thick, pebbly skin and a similar taste to Hass’s. Pear-shaped and an approximate weight of 10-11 oz (280-320 g). It is regarded as a hybrid of the Hass avocado, but it is more resistant to winds and high temperatures.

Other varieties: Wurtz, Edranol, Ryan, Negra de la cruz, Nabal, Ettinger, etc.

Avocado Varieties

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