Fruit is picked and sent every Tuesday. We decided to do it like that so it can be delivered to any European destination before the weekend, avoiding the risk of the box being left at the carrier's warehouse.

If you confirm your order between Tuesday after 12pm and next Monday before 12pm, you will have your box sent that Tuesday and delivered on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (depending on your location).

All our products are picked manually from the trees in our fields. That way, the taste and benefits of our Avocados are completely preserved. Once picked, the Avocados will be at your place in less than 24 hours in Spain or in less than 72 hours for the rest of EU countries. That's how we ensure the quality of our Avocados.

Orders will be cancelled in the following cases:

  • The carrier has unsuccessfully attempted to deliver twice.
  • We have not been able to contact the customer for three business days after the first failed attempt of delivery occurred.
  • When purchasing at Agro Sana Andaluz S.L., whether it is online, by e-mail or by phone, you also acquire the right for cancelling, changing or replacing orders.

You can always cancel your order if you call us before 12pm on MONDAYS.

Deliveries will be made by the designed carrier during normal business hours.

As for the delivery time, it normally takes 1-4 days from the moment the order leaves our facilities.

AGRO SANA ANDALUZ guarantees your satisfaction about the product quality at all times.

Avocados from AGRO SANA ANDALUZ undergo no artificial processes at all. Our fruit ripens naturally on the tree and it is delivered directly to the customer without intermediaries, manipulations or storaging.

Our products are delivered in sealed carton boxes showing stickers with the logo of AGRO SANA ANDALUZ.

Please note the photographs you see in our webpage are not to be matched exactly with the fruit you receive. They are shown for illustrative purposes only.

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